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Multiple Composite Liner, Bio-barrier 2011-10-21
대한토목학회 599
Various methods used for the construction of impermeable layers in waste landfills of Korea have limited applicability according to subsurface conditions. Moreover, the stability of performance in terms of leakage prevention is questionable even with high cost.
Although soil layers mixed with bentonite are most widely used due to its excellent ability in reducing hydraulic conductivity, ground improvement is necessary for application in soft grounds such as marine reclamation sites due to its low strength.
On the contrary, soil solidifying methods have fairly good applicability in soft ground because it has sufficient strength. However, solidification alone is often insufficient for acquiring hydraulic conductivity below 1×10-7cm/sec and has possibilities of defect occurrence exist during curing and freezing/thawing stages.
The technology introduced in this paper is able to resolve the above mentioned limitations while assuring hydraulic conductivity of 1×10-7cm/sec by incorporating a multi 3-layer composition.